Summer Clothes 🙌🏻

I get the girl's summer clothes from a bunch of different places. I really love supporting small shops so I always make sure to buy a few small shop items. Unfortunately small shops are sometimes a little pricey and we can't get all of their summer clothes from them. Here are some of the small … Continue reading Summer Clothes 🙌🏻


Van Fam

So yesterday we broke down and bought a van. I always said that I would never drive a van. Now that we have two kids and we plan on having another one at some point a van just seemed like the best decision. I needed something with a ton of space and storage. The van … Continue reading Van Fam

Photos, Photos and More Photos

If you know me you know I love to take pictures. Today we went to one of our favorite little parks and took some pictures. I'm obsessed with Ali's new dress from Alice and Ames! Every little girl should own this dress. Enjoy the photos!  Alison's dress Rylie's shoes Rylie's necklace