Our Trip to Maine

First off let me tell you Maine is absolutely beautiful in the winter! If you ever come across the opportunity to go to Maine in the winter you should go. I was a little worried at first because I didn’t think there would be too much to do. It was the off season and it wasn’t going to be over 25 degrees the entire time. We found plenty of things to do. We stayed in a really great hotel called the Anchorage Inn in York and the suites were to die for! Spa bath tub, fire place and even heated floors! The best part about it was we got to stay in the suites for a regular room price because the hotel lost power due to the blizzard Stella. York, Maine is a really great location because it is 45 minutes from Portland and an hour from Boston.

After the blizzard passed we went to Portland and ate at Hot Suppa! They had a really great menu (http://hotsuppa.com/menus/) and AMAZING LATTES! They even had a really awesome fruit salad for Alison (our 2 year old is fruit obsessed). We explored the city a little bit and then went to look for light houses. I think we ended up seeing 3 different ones.

The next day we hit The Kittery Outlets and the Trading Post. I have never seen such a great Gap outlet in all my life. They had tons of sizes and super cute clothes. If you’re ever in York you have to stop at the Gap outlet and the trading post. The trading post is a great spot to get your loved ones all the souvenirs they need or don’t need because lets be honest who really NEEDS souvenirs. We spent way too much money there but it’s just one of those places. Oh also make sure you pick up some fudge when you’re there. It’s so good!

On our final day we went to Boston. I have never been there before so it was really cool to experience that. I have never seen a city better dressed than Boston but man nobody knows how to drive there lol. Our first stop was Yankee Lobster, they are known for their lobster bisque so naturally we had to go there. The restaurant was more casual than I expected but the lobster bisque was amazing. After that we went to see Harvard. We went into the Harvard book store and it was amazing. Floor to ceiling books and it smelled like paper. It kind of made me want to trade in my ibooks for a paperback. I picked up a shirt for Alison and a book for Rylie.

When we got back to our room we started to clean and pack everything up. I wanted to be organized so I decided to go to the laundromat to clean all our clothes. To be completely honest I went there so I could wash the girls new Gap sweatsuits for the ride home. Yeah I’m that person.

Overall our trip was really great. One downfall was having to share a room with our girls. A two year old, a six month old and parents should never have to share a room… EVER. Every night we were bribing Alison to go to sleep quietly so she didn’t wake up Rylie and I was rushing to Rylie when she woke up for her night time feed so she didn’t wake up Alison. Oh also Rylie rolled off the bed and ended up with a bruise on her shin but we all survived and enjoyed our trip to York, Maine.


During the blizzard the waves were insane!


Alison playing on the beach right outside the hotel.


The Gap sweatsuits that the girls just had to wear home. As you can see they were really happy about this picture.


The lighthouse in York.


There’s not one bad view!


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