Bedtime, Poop and Toddlers

For the longest time Alison was a dream sleeper. She slept through the night at 2 months old. Like what baby does that?!? Well when Ali turned two that completely changed. She has been fighting bedtime on and off since. Well I’m currently catching up on my new favorite vulgar show Shameless and Alison is in her room coming up with every excuse to come out. “Mommy I don’t like that” (her blanket which I can assure you she loves), “Mommy I want a hug” (I gave her 3 hugs before leaving her room), “Mommy I go potty” (she went before I put her to bed), “Mommy I got boo boo” (she learned that that makes me go into her room to see if she’s ok), ok now she just said “mommy I go poopy” PAUSE I’ll be right back…
So no poop but she was completely naked in her room claiming that she needed cream (butt paste). I’m pretty glad I went in there because if she didn’t have a diaper on all night I would probably be left a nice little present on her rug in the morning. As much as I love scrubbing poop of the floor at 7am I would really prefer to drink my tea while it’s still hot. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in the chimp exhibit at the zoo. Well it sounds like she is finally out and Shameless is too good to miss ✌🏻.


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