The Key to Entertaining a Toddler While at a Restaurant! 

If you like to go out to restaurants every once and a while but your toddler usually has to tag along (🙋🏼) then this is something you should consider doing. A little while back I was looking for a way to keep Ali busy at restaurants because honestly it was becoming impossible to go out to eat.I would usually grab some toys from her room before we would leave and I made sure we had her leap pad for extra entertainment but that wasn’t really working anymore. Then I thought if Ali had some new toys she would definitely be interested in playing with them so I decided to make a restaurant bag. 

I went to the store and grabbed a few little plastic toys that would be easy to clean, stickers, pens, crayons, a notepad and a pencil bag. I filled up the pencil bag with all the stuff and put it in my diaper bag for the next time we went to a restaurant. Well the next time we went out I took out the pencil bag and showed Ali all the new fun toys to play with. She was entertained the entire time we ate. I didn’t even have to put her leap pad on which was great because I didn’t really want her having screen time before bed anyway. 

Over the past few months some things have been left behind and we have added some new things to our bag but it literally always works. I don’t have to worry about remembering toys for when we go out that usually get lost in the car or in the bottom of my diaper bag anyway. I can just take out the pencil bag that is always in my diaper bag and she has toys she’s interested in because she only gets to play with them while we are out. If you’re having trouble keeping your toddler entertained and want to have an adult conversation I strongly suggest trying this! 

In our bag:

– Some plastic toys that are easy to clean. The Peppa Pig is one of her favorite things in the bag (anything is better than annoying Caillou… am I right?!?).

– I prefer to have the crayons that you can twist up because the ones at restaurants always break and then there’s a full on 2 year old meltdown.

– I also put some construction paper and a coloring book page in too because kids menus don’t really have much to color.
– Of course we have stickers too. I love these little letter stickers I got at Michaels because we can practice saying letters and writing words with them. 
And the best part about it is it all fits right into this ⬇️


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