The Easter Bunny vs. The Parker Girls 

As you can see Ali really doesn’t enjoy taking pictures with Santa or the Easter bunny. When I was a kid my mom would take us every year and I remember it being a very exciting time so I want to pass down that fun memory to my kids.

So two days ago out of nowhere Alison started begging to go see the Easter bunny. Honestly I have no idea how she even knew we could visit him because there’s no way she remembers that from last year. Yesterday I started to really get her excited to see him. I told her she could get a balloon and a lolly pop (yes I bribe my 2 year old) if she took a picture with him. Well of course that made her jump with joy. As soon as she woke up this morning she was talking about seeing the Easter bunny so I was feeling pretty hopeful that everything was going to go well. So I ironed the girls new shirts and got them both dressed (matching of course).

We got into the mall and Ali wouldn’t even sit in her stroller she was so excited to see him. And then we saw him. We saw him as we were going down the glass elevator. Alison lost it. She started crying “no Easter bunny, no Easter bunny”. I wasn’t going to force her to take a picture again this year so we ended up with this.

One out of two isn’t so bad! There’s always next year but maybe I should quit while I’m ahead.

Outfit details:

Hair bow: Little Poppy co

Shirt: Gap factory

Jeggings: Gap factory

Shoes: Freshly Picked


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