Our Spring/Summer Bucket List 

Every year in the beginning of spring I like to make a bucket list of things to do before fall. Sometimes we don’t end up getting to everything but it gives us ideas for when we are sitting at home with nothing to do. If you are a list person like I am this is definitely something for you. We usually print this list out and stick it on our fridge. As we do things we check themoff. This is what we came up with as a family this year!

– Go to the zoo

– Go to the beach

– Plant vegetables

– Go to a water park

– Go to a festival or fair

– Explore someplace we’ve never been

– Go to the creek

– Swim in the quarry

– Go to the lake house

– Visit NYC

– Hike

– Kayak

– Go fishing

– Dutch Wonderland

– An overnight trip anywhere

– Pick fruit

I guess we better get started soon because we have a long list this year! Below are some pictures from last years bucket list.

Visited the creek

Picked strawberries 🍓

Climbed trees 🌲

Visited the beach

Fed animals

Arts and crafts

Played in the rain


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