Summer Must Haves

Every spring I get very excited because I love warm weather. Winter time gives me cabin fever and I’m usually pretty sick of it 2 weeks in. So when the weather is beautiful and I can open all the windows and let the fresh air in I am very happy. Here are a few things that I like to have for this time of year.

Wherever we go we bring Alison’s water bottle. She loves it and I love it because it doesn’t leak. The suggested age is 3+ but we have been using ours since Alison was 1. They also sell insulated ones for those hot summer days.
So I just bought a picnic blanket at Target. I did not need a new picnic blanket but you know how target is (by the way I went in there for toilet paper and walked out spending $90 🤦🏼‍♀️). We were using a quilt before and it was kind of bulky and hard to fold on my own. This one is better because it folds up super small and fits right under the stroller. It also has an arm strap so you can wear it like a purse. I got one with pineapples on it but couldn’t find it on the website. This is the same exact one in a different color. I’m really excited to use this at the park and zoo this year!

I just purchased this because we needed a smaller cooler that I could fit in my stroller or my back pack. We have brought this to the zoo twice so far and it has kept our food cool all day long. It’s tiny but it has plenty of room for all of Alison’s fruits and veggies and even a sandwich too. If you’re looking for something small to bring to the beach or park this is the cooler for you.

I found these sandals when Alison was a baby and since then she has had a pair every year. I love them! They are waterproof so she can jump in puddles, wear them on the beach or walk in creeks. The best part is they hold up so well. At the end of every summer they still look brand new. We always get the silver ones for Alison but there are a ton of different colors. Even brown for little boys. Check them out they are great!

As you can see Alison wears her sandals everywhere and they match with everything!


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