Breast is Best… for me 

The huge motherhood debate. Breastfeed or formula feed. I could probably just write “Breast is Best” and there would be a lengthy debate in the comment section. Honestly it doesn’t matter to me what people do. As long as your baby is fed you’re good in my book. I prefer to breastfeed for a few reasons.

The number one reason is I love waking up in the middle of the night and just having one on one time with my baby. To me there’s nothing better. The house is silent and dark and I can just stare at Rylie’s chubby fingers and hold her little feet. I will never get that time back.

Another positive is it’s very cost effective. With all the other things that babies need not having to pay for food is a huge plus. I mean obviously if Rylie needed formula I would buy it in a heartbeat. It’s just nice not having that expense. 

I give credit to the women who formula feed. You have to have incredible patience. It has to be hard to make a bottle in the middle of the night while you’re completely exhausted and your baby is screaming. I would most likely mess up a measurement if I’m being completely honest. This mama doesn’t function well when sleep deprived. I also have to admit I hate doing dishes so I can’t even imagine having to clean multiple bottles a day. 

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying breastfeeding is the easier choice and doesn’t require a lot of effort. There are quite a few negatives too. It’s not easy in fact the first couple months require a lot of work and it’s hard and exhausting. At times it can be down right defeating. First off it’s painful. Especially if you’re lucky enough to get mastitis 🙋🏼. I managed to be so lucky I got it twice. Who doesn’t enjoy an overnight hospital stay with a 2 week old while you feel like you’re actually dying? I didn’t even mention the part where a newborn scream machine is pretty much attached to you. Why not throw in the fact that no tops fit because well milk. Oh and while we are on the topic of milk let’s not forget the amount of laundry you’ll be doing because you’ll be leaking it and your baby will be spitting it up all over you. Don’t I make breastfeeding sound so fun lol. For me it really isn’t fun for that first month and then I love it. 

I love that I’m solely responsible for feeding my baby. I love that I’m the one that makes her have those chunky little thighs. I love that she automatically stops crying when she starts eating and I love that I’m responsible for that little potbelly when she’s all done. To me there’s nothing better once you get past the first month of grueling work. If you’re not sure what you want to do I urge you to give breastfeeding a try. It’s super rewarding! 


2 thoughts on “Breast is Best… for me 

  1. withkidsandcoffee says:

    Love how you share you experience with breastfeeding while acknowledging that it’s your story and your story alone with the “…for me” addition. Always nice to have a fellow breastfeeding mama as part of the “Fed is Best” movement to unify moms and stop the breast vs. formula division. 👏🏼❤️

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