The Disaster we call home

How is it possible that every single night when I go to bed the house is perfectly clean and by 10am it’s a disaster. I have tried everything to try and keep the house looking decent. I have gotten rid of toys, I have organized toys in bins, I have categorized toys and nothing works. 
I am thrilled that my kids have so much fun everyday. I’m not thrilled that at the end of the day I have to clean a house that looks like it should be on Hoarders Buried Alive. When I say that I’m kind of kidding, kind of not. It gets seriously gross. I have to scrape oatmeal off the side of the table and the chair with a knife. Yes it would be easier to clean it right after she is done eating but at that point Rylie has pooped up her back and needs a bath. So really cleaning up the oatmeal right away is not a priority. After I’m done scraping the oatmeal I then move to the couch. By the end of the day the couch usually has Greek yogurt or some kind of fruit on it because Ali decided it makes a good napkin. Has anyone else realized that Greek yogurt is so hard to clean up. Oh and while we are on the subject of couches. The other day a banana went missing. You’ll never believe where I found it… between the couch cushions 😑. Now that’s just my battle with food alone. I’m not even going to try and explain what her room looks like at the end of the day because if you’re a mom then you probably can picture it. 

Want to know what Alison decided to do today? She wanted to feed the birds. So she grabbed the bag of birdseed we had and it dumped all over the kitchen floor. Now being the little helper she is, she went and grabbed her play broom and pale and “cleaned” it up. And by cleaned it up I mean she shoved the birdseed under the fridge, catapulted the seeds into the dining room and then proceeded to walk with her little pale all through the house to show me she cleaned it up. Honestly it was seriously cute. I can’t even get upset about that stuff because she’s two and she thinks she’s helping. She’s lucky she’s cute. Thankfully we will now be spending most of our days outside and the mess will stay outside. 

I’m so happy spring is here. We can spend our days at the playground and keep the house looking like humans live here. We can eat our lunches and snacks on a blanket in the park and I can just shake the crumbs right off 🙌🏻. Life is better when it’s warm that’s all I can say. Hello spring bye bye messy house. 

My little “helper”. This is the time she decided to mop the kitchen. She filled the bucket up by herself in the bathtub, carried it to the kitchen and started to mop. The floor was a pond when she was done but she was proud of herself. 


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