One Kid Two Kids Red Kids Blue Kids 

I really never thought there would be a difference from going from one kid to two kids. Well I was completely wrong. It’s actually incredibly challenging. There’s double of everything. Double laundry, double the food, double the diapers (thankfully Ali is potty trained now so at least I’m not dealing with that anymore) and double the doctors appointments (and even more because of Rylie’s Torticollis and Plagiocephaly). Besides just all the extra things to do I also have to make sure I’m giving them each one on one time. I want Alison to still feel special and I want Rylie to have the great start that Ali did because she was the first child. Sometimes I feel like I’m completely mom failing. I don’t always get to the laundry and our room looks like an actual bomb went off. I don’t always get around to reading Rylie a book everyday. Forget about baths being apart of the everyday routine, it’s impossible. EVERYTHING has changed but I like change so it’s okay. 

Ali used to go to bed at 6:30 and wake up at 9-9:30 and now she goes to bed at 8:30 and wakes up at 7:30. Rylie is still waking up to eat in the middle of the night and also enjoys waking up at 7:30 with her sister. As much as I really enjoyed having a baby sleep till 9am I love seeing two smiling faces in the morning. I used to pride myself on the impeccable schedule I had Ali on but now it’s not as easy to keep. If I were to let the kids nap when they wanted to we wouldn’t get out of the house at all. Both of them get a 3 hour afternoon nap 95% of the time which is great. The problem is Rylie still naps multiple times a day. So most of the time Rylie doesn’t get to take her morning nap because that’s when we do all our activities. Hopefully this just means she’ll end up being super flexible and she’ll be able to sleep anywhere. I give credit to people who have a lot of kids. You guys are super heroes 

At some point we plan to have a third baby and I have to say I’m up for the challenge. I love being a mom. I’ll deal with the mounds of laundry and the food stains all over the place. Hopefully going from two kids to three kids won’t be that different 😂😂😂. Who am I kidding we are going to be out numbered and it’s going to be nuts. 


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