To the person who stole our Diapers 

So yesterday I had Rylie’s diapers delivered to the front door of our apartment and someone decided to steal them. I have to say I was pretty furious about the whole situation. I couldn’t understand why a mom/dad would steal diapers from another mom/dad. If you’re a parent you know having a baby is not cheap. I can honestly say I lost my temper. I wrote a negative note and stuck it in the lobby and I let management know that someone stole a package right from my front door. Then I called my husband and told him and he was very calm about the situation. He explained to me that maybe someone needed the diapers more than us. Yes I married a super incredible person. After a few hours of feeling really negative about the situation I decided I needed to do something positive. So I went to target and bought a few baby items. I figured if someone was desperate enough to take diapers they might really need help. It’s not much but maybe it’ll help the person till their next pay check comes. So whoever stole our diapers, thank you. You taught me to step back from a situation and see the bigger picture. 


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