Pens and Paper and Friends 

So Alison is going to be starting preschool in September and I’m really excited. It’s going to be so good for her to get out and spend a few hours with other kids her age. She is definitely super attached to me so I’m hoping school really helps her build confidence and independence. She is already involved in gymnastics, dance and soccer so she definitely gets to be involved with other kids but it’s only in 30/40 minute increments. Not only will it be good for Ali it’ll be great for Rylie too.

I will get some one on one time with her. It will give Rylie an opportunity to have just time with me plus we can work on some educational things that I did with Ali. Ali and I started “studying” when she was about 6 month old and I think it really did put her ahead verbally. She was a really early talker and her pronunciation is still really impressive to me. So I would really like Rylie to have the same opportunity. Plus I will be able to just have time to play and cuddle with Rylie too and that’ll be fun. 

I was just thinking the other day that once Ali starts preschool she will never not be in school again until she graduates high school or college if she chooses. That’s pretty crazy to think about. Anyway I’m really looking forward to seeing her become more independent. She will be spending the next 3 years (she’ll be starting kindergarten at 6) of her life in this preschool. I really hope it’s an overall positive experience for her. 


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