Van Fam

So yesterday we broke down and bought a van. I always said that I would never drive a van. Now that we have two kids and we plan on having another one at some point a van just seemed like the best decision. I needed something with a ton of space and storage. The van was the best way to go. I have fallen in love with it. I can open the doors, the trunk and start the car right from the key which really helps while juggling both the kids. I also don’t have to kill my back bending down putting them in the car because the van sits up higher. Oh did I mention that it has a DVD player? It’ll be perfect for when I flip both their seats front facing! I am now wondering why I didn’t get a van a long time ago. It was definitely the best decision for our family. I’m officially a soccer mom well and a dance mom and a gymnastics mom. 


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